Plaxedes Wenyika Shares Her Breast Cancer Story

By  | Oct 28, 2020, 02:31 PM  | Drama

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Plaxedes is encouraging all women to check their breasts by sharing her own experience.

The star took to social media today to share her experience and hopefully inspire other women to get their breasts checked. In the video , she said the events and discussions on breast cancer awareness month had inspired her to share her story. She started off by talking about how 20 years ago while in university a lump was discovered in one of her breasts. Luckily her mother was a nurse and readily had information on these issues so she took her to get checked and the lump was removed.

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Everything was fine this year, until during a self-examination, she discovered a lump in her left breast and something that also felt like a lump in her right. She visited the doctor and was advised to go for scans. The scans revealed several more lumps in her breasts but they didn't present an emergency so it was just recommended that they wait and see. However, a few months later Plaxedes noticed the lump in her right breast was actually growing.

She started feeling discomfort and a slight bit of pain from the right side so she went to get it checked again. Scans were taken again and the doctor recommended having the lump removed. The other lumps remained small and unchanging so they could still be observed. 
In the video, Plaxedes revealed she went for surgery recently and had the lump in her right breast removed successfully. The lump was tested and was luckily negative for Cancer cells.

Plaxedes on the video reminded women to not ignore any signs and to get any lumps checked. She then called out Zimbabwean corporates to "put their money where their mouth is" as she felt that more resources are needed for this fight.

Breast Cancer is the second most deadly Cancer in Zimbabwe while it is the most preventable. Plaxedes said that although living a fairly comfortable life, her brush with cancer was scary and this got her thinking about how the less privileged are even more challenged in the breast cancer fight.
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