Riky Rick Dragged For His 'Whack' Verse

His 'Imali Eningi' verse is not a favourite

By  | Dec 08, 2020, 06:04 PM  | Riky Rick  | Drama

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Big Zulu's Imali Eningi is making a huge impact especially for music lovers everywhere, and the song has been certified to be a banger. He features Intaba Yase Dubai and Riky Rick.

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Riky Rick is being heavily criticized for his verse on the track mainly because the song is delivered in IsiZulu but Riky Rick got dragged for rapping in English.

"Ricky Rick was very unnecessary on that Imali Eningi track." Another wrote, "I think Riky was necessary for giving the song a bigger platform. His impact is undeniable. But in terms of the structure of the whole song, it really needed a hardcore Zulu rapper and I feel Zakwe might have murdered it in Isizulu. There must be a Remix. Throw in Zakwe."

Many came to his defense, however by pointing out how he improved the song "Ricky Rick is like J Cole ... he's one of the only OG's in SA who's trying bridge the gap between the old and young generation of hip hop artists in this country. He wasn't NECESSARY. He wasn't even ESSENTIAL ... He was VITAL!"

Imali Eningi was uploaded on YouTube about a week ago and it has already garnered more than 1.1 million views. It is also currently the biggest song in the country sitting comfortably at the number 1 spot in a number of local charts.

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