Somizi Exposes The Queer Community In SA

He reveals what goes down in the queer community

By  | Jun 28, 2021, 03:41 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo has taken to Instagram to drop nothing but facts about the queer community in the country. This after he shared a video of a Tik Toker talking about this issue in their own country.

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The media personality spoke about classism in the black community and racism in the gay community as a whole. He touched on how gay people are not united because they are driven by race. Also when it comes to classism with black gays, certain people want to associate themselves with a certain group of black people who are of the same class as them.

Somgaga spoke about his experiences especially with Johannesburg and Cape Town pride marches. 

“I have always had an issue with this Joburg Pride and Cape Town Pride. I've always had an issue because I find it not to be inclusive at all. From the outside, it looks inclusive because when we march there's Blacks, Indians, there's Whites but deep down there isn’t inclusivity,” starts Somizi. 

“You look at the committees that run Pride, you look at the locations that host the Pride they are where it will be suitable for white queer people to be comfortable,” he accused.  

He adds that he has never ever heard of a Pride March that caters for all citizens in the country especially in townships which are predominantly black. He says those areas are not safe and people would not feel comfortable. 
When it comes to classism, Somizi is left shocked by the evident classism and he starts off by clapping his hands and released a loud "YOH!"

“There are gay men that think they shoot ice-cream. They think gays from the hood are low-class, cheap and those who don't wear couture, uneducated dumb,” said Somizi. 

"When they walk into the club they have their own little corner and they look down on homosexuals who are attacked and stabbed in the hood, beaten to the pulp and say they deserve it because they go to cheap taverns. I happen to be on both ends because I grew up in Orlando I know both ends. It needs to stop,” he added. 

His video touched a lot of people and many queer people shared their own experiences with racism and classism.

"I don't think Racism/Classism is experienced in the LGBTIQ+ community ,even heterosexuals experience that as well. Most Peeps are not open minded, lack of compassion and empathy towards others. If humans can get to a place where they see themselves as spiritual beings living in temporary human form, somehow will be more accepting, less judgmental and enjoy dis gift of life," shared one follower.

"Yoh Somizi I was emphasising the thing of classism which actually breaks my heart that one can undermine someone's background, but anyway looking down on someone just because they have less than you-its one thing that's really breaking community and then also the same thing is happening with everyone even people whose not gay. I just think it's an Old Taboo and it should totally be erased-Thank You for using your platform for such important things especially in our Community," applauded another.

"To be 100% honest I’ve only experienced the racism within queer space here in Cape Town and I really don’t mind it, each to their own and the reason why I say I don’t mind it is that it’s very subtle, they don’t say or do anything obvious, it’s very interesting how some people really don’t know that they are being exclusive," another one said.

Take a look at the video below:

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