Lioness Pays Tribute To Her Mother

She remembers how hard she worked to provide for them

By  | Jun 28, 2021, 03:41 PM 

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Rapper La-Toya Mwoombola better known as Lioness has become a household name with a legion of fans. The musician has been making great strides in the music industry and she has bagged another international feature on Aljazeera News.

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In an exclusive interview with Aljeezera, she highlighted how hard she has been working on her music career and as a doctor to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Lioness who is a doctor by profession also paid tribute to her late mother Linea and reflected on how her mom worked hard to raise them with her sister after her divorce from her father.

“Growing up, when I was a girl, it was literally my mother, my sister, and I. So we were a tight circle of feminine energy. We learned a lot of habits from each other, the good and bad,” said Lioness.

Her mother was a lecture at the University of Namibia and she passed on when she was 58 years old succumbing to ovarian cancer.

"She was just that pivotal, pivotal centerpiece… Whatever she said, went. And so we learned to adopt certain behaviors and conformed to certain habits. And one of those habits was hard work.

Lioness has had a very impressive career and has been releasing bangers since she stepped foot in the industry life. Her determination and hard work have not gone unnoticed and she has been given the recognition she deserves in the industry. Despite not having been a part of the industry for a long time, Lioness has set her eyes on being one of the greatest female rappers in Namibia, as well as all over Africa. 

She said her mom was also passionate about music and she was also inspired by her to have two jobs, “My mother really instilled this hard-working personality in me, “And she was quite musical herself. She used to play the guitar. After her chemo, I wanted to buy her a new one, but she only ever had one round.

She said her mother her mother's work ethic inspired her to work hard. “Despite having two jobs, my mother was still excelling in them and she was making sure that she’s contributing to the growth of these careers, you know, putting in as much effort as she can to make it happen,”

“So I think that that’s what inspired me and that’s what gives me the possibility to continue to push and work hard and put the effort in both places music and medicine and see how it grows and you fail and win, but in the end, you just better yourself constantly.”

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