Marang Slams Fake IG Account

Another celeb, another target

By  | Jun 28, 2021, 03:45 PM 

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Marang Selolwane was probably enraged by an imposter who created a fake Instagram account in her name.

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It is no secret that it has become a trend to have fake accounts created using celebrities' names, and this is truly an unpleasant thing since imposters use these accounts to share provocative posts and even scam people. Celebs always have to caution their followers of these viral fake accounts and plead with them to report them.

The imposter that goes by the handle of @Selolwane42 has amassed more than 74 followers and it has shared images of Marang and her daughter on the account. The media personality did not wish to be associated with the account and she decided to let her hands do the talking for her after she caught wind of the account.

Marang pleaded with her followers to report it in her Instagram stories.
Instagram @MarangSelolwane
Marang is not the first celebrity to rubbish a fake social media account,
Recently Vee Mampeezy took to his social media accounts to slam a forex trader.

This came after a forex trader tried to lure people into her forex trading business by claiming that Vee Mampeezy is one of her students and trading has afforded him the luxury lifestyle. Vee made it clear that he is not against forex traders but he is simply not interested in forex trading.

Marang and her husband Dipsy Selolwane recently tied the knot in an extravagant white wedding. To keep it private, the wedding was attended by close friends and families of the couple.

Their marriage was however placed under scrutiny by some jealous tweeps.  This came after the subject of the age gap in a marriage resurfaced, and people expressed their opinions about their marriage.

Some people felt Dipsy who is 43 years old is too old for Marang who is only 29 years old. Marang defended the age difference in their marriage against a troll who provoked her and proved that age is nothing but a number. Responding to the troll who criticized their age gap she said"Yoh! The age gap chat is played out hey! No matter how you spin it."

On Valentines Day Marang took to her Instagram page to celebrate their love by showcasing love to Dipsy and shared a sweet message with him that melted our hearts. This did not stop as on Father's she also spoiled him rotten with a luxury spa treatment.

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