Meet Lucius Banda's Wife - His Unsung Hero

The woman behind Lucius Banda's success

By  | Apr 11, 2022, 01:00 PM  | Lucius Banda  | Relationships

Sunganani Banda, Lucius Banda
It is said that behind every successful man is a woman, and this could not be any truer for Soldier Lucius Banda.

Considered one of the best musicians of all time in Malawi as well as the richest, Lucius Banda credits his wife for his success as much as we credit his talent and charisma.

Today we take a look at Lucius Banda’s wife and answer any questions you may have about her.

Who is Lucius Banda’s wife?

Lucius Banda with his wife, source: Facebook

Lucius Banda has been married to the same woman for more than 20 years, called Sunganani Kamkwalala Banda.

The two met when they were both young, and Soldier Lucius was only starting his music career. According to Lucius, Sunganani used to encourage him to keep moving when he didn’t think he could make it.

What does Sunganani Banda do?

It is unclear what Lucius Banda’s wife currently does. However, according to reports, Sunganani is a trained banker who used to work at Standard Bank, formerly known as Balaka commercial bank.

Where did Lucius Banda and his wife meet?

Lucius Banda has not disclosed how and where he first met with his wife, although according to sources, the two met when Lucius was still a keyboard player for his brother’s Alleluya Band.

Sangunani has watched Lucius grow from his brother’s shadows to the bigshot he is today. 

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Lucius Banda’s wedding

Lucius Banda and his bride during their wedding, source: Facebook

Lucius Banda and his wife exchanged their wedding vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony in 1995. Their older son’s birthday coincidentally falls on their wedding anniversary; isn’t that just sweet?

The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2020, and we wish them more years of love together.

Lucius Banda and Sangunani Banda’s children

Lucius Banda and his family, source: Facebook

The Banda’s have been blessed with three biological children. Their firstborn is a son called Johnny Zembani Banda, who has taken after his father’s footsteps and is a musician too and the current head of the Zembani band.

Laura Banda is the second of Lucius Banda’s children, and unlike her brother, the beautiful Laura decided to take a different path from the family’s music and is an artist who loves to work with brushes and paint to create masterpieces.

Their third and youngest child is a son called Mapiri Banda, and the couple also has an adopted son called Friday.

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Where do Lucius Banda and his wife live?

Lucius Banda is a very private man, and little is known about where his home is located, although going by the amount of money he has, the legend and his wife definitely lie somewhere lovely.

How is Lucius Banda’s health?

In 2021, Lucius Banda was admitted to the hospital after allegedly suffering from high blood pressure. His illness got his fans concerned, and some rumours even emerged that the legend had passed on.

The rumours were dismissed, and it was later revealed that Soldier Lucius had, in fact, been discharged and is recovering well.

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