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By  | Nov 14, 2022, 12:33 PM

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Film Review: Buried

When was the last time you saw your childhood friends, the ones you grew up with? What memories come up when you reflect on the days gone? Well, before their fortieth birthdays, Buried brings together four friends in a reunion where they seek to put behind their painful past to open a new chapter of their lives. Do they succeed?

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Film Review: Ibala

When a child is rejected by the community, more often than not, women are left with the burden of fighting for their rights. This is the situation that the film Ibala presents.

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How many keepie uppies can you do?

Women’s football is slowly gaining the respect and space it deserves. That said, women’s football freestyle space has a long way to go. Football freestyle is not the biggest sport in Kenya but we have freestylers doing wonders with the ball. 

Rael Kamanda is a two-time freestyle champion and can be considered to be a pioneer. She doubles this by playing 11 v 11 football. We caught up with her and told us more about her journey. 

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