Twitter Reacts: Thembi Seete Pays 50K In Arrears To Avoid Losing Her House

It has been a hard time

By  | Jun 28, 2021, 04:09 PM  | Thembi Seete 

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Thembi Seete topped the trends list yesterday, 27 June after it was reported that she had paid 50 000 in arrears to avoid losing her house in Greenstone Hill.

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Thembi is said to have allegedly missed 16 payments since the first of March 2019 and when she ignored the latter that forced her to pay almost 50 thousand rands in levy arrears, the lawyers of the Strelitzia complex’s body corporate applied for a default judgment at the Pretoria High Court.

Thembi was instructed to pay the sum of R49 741but when she finally made the payment, it was standing at R52 036. The court also forced Thembi to pay 15.5% interest on the debt.

Tweeps praised Thembi for managing to pay the arrears seeing that it has been a hard time for everyone not just in South Africa but in the whole world.

Ever since the coronavirus hit the South African shores, it has been a very hard time for the South African art industry. We have seen a number of them become very vocal about the conditions they have had to endure. 

Some were not able to apply for the relief fund and as such were turned down for reasons unknown. Artists then took to the streets to voice out their grievances as it seemed that the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa did not show sympathy for what they are going through. 

When the Department of Arts and Culture, released the Covid-19 relief funds for artists that have been robbed of a chance to make a living by Covid, allegations of the misuse of Covid-19 relief funds by the National Arts Council (NAC) came to light. 

Artists like Chomee and Arthur Mafokate applied for the fund were approved and received 10 million in funds while other artists alike declined. This infuriated South Africans that they called out Chomee and Arthur for applying for a fund they don’t need. 

Realising how things were heating up, Chomee released a statement to make it clear that she is being racialized and does not deserve the treatment. Chomee is said to have received2 million from the NAC to help keep her company Divatainemnt afloat as it was on the verge of being deregistered.  

She said, “I was affected by the lockdown like all other practitioners and lost a lot of work. Why am I under scrutiny? Is it because a black woman is not deserving of R2 million funding? Is it because a black woman cannot manage money or projects meant to empower others in the industry?” 

She furthermore added that it was falsely reported that she received R2 million, “...To date, I have not received a cent in my account to start this project...I am not a victim of those who is slandering my name for no good reason, but more of a victim of bad journalism." 

Arthur Mafokate’s daughter Owami Mafokate reportedly received R719 070 for her company called Queendom. 

This did not sit well with the artists that are struggling in entertainment. Arthur and his family were accused of using their connections to secure unnecessary funding that could have been used by other deserving artists that cannot even afford to get funds that can be as little as 10 000. 

This is why instead of crucifying Thembi, tweeps stood with her. Thembi’s situation is understandable and we hope that she will continue to keep her house as we enter into level 4 of the coronavirus. Things are about to get even more tricky. Keep safe y’all. 

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