Bakili Muluzi's House - His Retirement Home

Fit for a former head of state

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Bakili Muluzi, Bakili Muluzi
Elson Bakili Muluzi was the second president of Malawi as well as the first Muslim president in the country. He served as president from 1994 until 2004 after which he was succeeded by Bingu Mutharika.

Even though Bakili Muluzi was considered a popular leader, his tenure as president was marked with lots of corruption and scandals, some of which are still following him to date.

Politics aside, today we take a look at Bakili Muluzi’s house where he has been living since retirement and give you all the details about the house including the several robberies that have been reported in the place.

Where is Bakili Muluzi’s house located?

Outside Bakili Muluzi's house, source: Malawi24

Since his retirement, Bakili Muluzi has been living in his mansion in BCA Hill, Blantyre.  The house is located in the Limbe neighbourhood.

Like most politicians and people in power, Bakili Muluzi’s house is often an object of curiosity from the public despite being heavily guarded against the public.

How much did Bakili Muluzi’s house cost?

It is unclear exactly how much it cost Bakili Muluzi to construct his house although we estimate that it must have cost some good millions.

A few years after leaving office, a detailed report by Malawi Digest revealed how Muluzi had allegedly diverted government money during his ten-year rule to build his mansion. 

Special features of Bakili Muluzi’s house

interior of Bakili Muluzi's house, source: Malawi24

There are very few photos of Bakili Muluzi’s house on the internet so it’s quite hard to discuss all the cool features in the former president’s palatial home.

However, from the few photos and videos we have seen, we believe that Bakili Muluzi’s house is fit for a former head of state in every way.

The house is well guarded by security forces, and is clearly not a place for uninvited guests. There is a long fully tarmacked driveway that leads from the main gate to the actual property. The driveway is surrounded on both sides by beautiful tall trees.

Besides being designed and tastefully furnished with Victorian furniture and photos on the wall, luxurious Victorian curtains, and even a Victorian clock, there is really nothing else to tell about Bakili Muluzi’s house at the moment.

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President Chakwera’s visit to Bakili Muluzi’s house

President Chakwera during his visit to Bakili Muzuli, source: State House

In March 2021, President Lazarus Chakwera paid the former head of state at his home amidst Muluzi’s corruption case.

And while many Malawians speculated that the main aim of the visit was for Chakwera to have a chat with Muluzi about his case, it turns out that it was merely a courtesy call by the incumbent president to wish the second head of state a happy retirement.

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Does Bakili Muluzi have other houses?

Bakili Muluzi at home with his grandchildren, source: Facebook

Muluzi’s BCA residence is the only publicly known house that is owned by the former president. Whether he owns other houses or not is not known.

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Was Bakili Muluzi’s house robbed?

In 2016, it was reported that unidentified robbers broke into Bakili Muluzi’s house and made away with a laser wire on the main brick wall.

The following year, one of the police officers in charge of security at Bakili Muluzi’s house was arrested and charged with robbery after he was found in possession of stolen parts of a motor vehicle belonging to Muluzi’s residence.
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