Hayze Engolah's Epic Rap Battle

Hit or Miss? The audience is divided...

By  | Nov 11, 2020, 10:48 AM  | Hayze Engola  | Top of The

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Hip hop rap isn't for everyone, it is one of the most difficult music genres to master, it is even harder is being able to spit some bars straight from your head with just a beat. Some fail, some master it but Hayze is probably one of the few artists who have straight fire bars.

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Hayze is known for spitting in English and there is no one in Malawi close to him in that skills set, however, he rarely spits in his native home language Chichewa and eventually, fans picked this up. He has worked with South African based rapper and producer Gemini Major, who recently lost his friend Limumba Karim.

It's barely been a few days after he apparently choked while doing a Chichewa freestyle, and the nation was divided on whether he killed it or it killed him. This came after the audience challenged Hayze to deliver in the local language for the first time, which came after his fellow rapper Gwamba who is popular with Chichewa lyrics, switched to English in his latest song entitled Kasambara and he murdered it.

"HAYZE ENGOLAH DROPS CHICHEWA BARS! For the very first time in his entire music career, Hayze Engolah drops Chichewa barss!!!!!!"

Half of the audience gave him the thumbs down for his Chichewa bars, citing that his native rap isn't as up to standard as his English rap.

“If I can rate him on the scale of 10, he will surely get a -1 from me. He should just stick to English,” commented Charles Bonongwe

“This guy can’t rap in his own native language, I don’t think anyone was expecting this.”

Despite the ruthless negative comments, however, the other half were convinced that Hayze did justice to the mic.

“This is pure rap, a rapper should be versatile not rigid, this guy is greatest of all time, bars on bars,”

Engolah is considered as one of Malawi’s gifted lyricists, hee proved his prowess in hip hop as a member of Home Grown Africa duo a few years ago and has since impressed his fans.

What do you think about his Chichewa rap?

Main Image Credit: Hayze / Twitter
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