Lavida Loca Defends Black Men

She says rappers can date whoever they want

By  | Nov 20, 2020, 07:08 AM  | Lavida Loca  | Top of The

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It's been a tense day there on the Twitter streets, the heated debate around who rappers can date or shouldn't date has divided people. Some black women feel that black rappers should respect them when dating other races and that the representation of black couples when it comes to entertainers is low to non-existent.

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Lavida Loca, the Malawian female rapper who is currently based in the United Kingdom had a lot to add about the topic, being the feisty and confident queen that she is, she didn't hold back.

In a series of Tweets and replies to her fans, she made it clear that black rappers should be free to date whoever they want and she can't understand why people don't get that.

"Why are you lot so bothered at whether rappers date black women or not ??? There’s doctors, accountants, businessmen & other successful men that DO date black women & love us.. so instead of forcing someone’s preference.. leave them to it maybe ???? Idk this topic sounds crazy"

Some Tweeps tried their best to change her mind or persuade Lavida Loca why they felt black rappers should date black women instead of other races.

"People often say hip hop has huge cultural influence - not just among black people but globally. Why do people not think this influence also applies to the women the majority choose to date. And the influence it has on what the wider audience start to deem as beautiful."

Unfortunately for them, Lavida was ready to school them for free...

"Please come at me with facts. The percentage of intraracial marriages within black people hasn’t dropped since a few rappers have decided to date outside of black women"
"& If you’re talking hip hop influence worldwide, including US rappers too then majority of them date black woman than not. It’s very entitled of you to then turn around and bash the ones who don’t."

"Even putting marriage aside.. and speaking on the younger generation.. I haven’t seen no proof of black girls being loved any less in real life, just a whole lot of entitled human beings online with an opinion on other people’s personal lives."

Most women are arguing that they help shape black men to become successful, therefore them dating other races is like a slap on the face. They say that if more black men date black women, then society would view black women in a more positive light.

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