Lavida Loca's New Single Is Fire

She still loves her home country

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Based in the United Kingdom, this bombshell from Malawi is slowly taking her place in the rap game. With popular singles like The King's Back and No I.D, which have brought her much attention in the United Kingdom music industry, Lavida Loca has once again gifted us with another banger.

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In a recent post on her Social Media channels, the Malawian Drill singer shared a vibey music video which showed her with some dancers, proudly holding up her home country's flag.

"See me inda “JUICE” video waving the flag HIGH...I ain’t letting nobody tell me I’m not from Malawi or reppin’ it ! WHERE ELSE AM I FROM THEN ??"

A lot of her Malawian fans had a lot to advise the young ex-convict, who shared with Amor magazine how being in prison has shaped her career and outlook on life.

"It was a few years so yeah definitely not short, I wish! But it’s definitely had an impact on me, not only as a rapper but as a woman. I turned 18 in jail. In fact I spent my prime years there, so a lot of the women around me taught me a lot, which may sound scary or weird but no, they were good to me. I learnt a lot of values and what I wanted for myself, which is why I’m so passionate about this. I definitely have had enough time to know what I want!"

Her avid fans had this to say about her upcoming single and how she could ensure its success...

"Hey lil sis! am not sure if you've started to submit your videos to African channels, if not please do so as soon as possible, we want to see you on these channels MtvBase, Channel O Trace Africa etc, don't jst upload them on YouTube"

"Ubwele ku mpanje koma, uzaoneko life mmene ikuyendela mmakokamu"

"Nice but you need to come over here . people should see you ....."

"pamenepo ndekuti wamugaya sananve kanthu"

She has a never-ending connection to her home country of Malawi and isn't afraid to show it, as can be seen on the music video. Africa will always be her home, even though she remains in the UK.

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