Was Karim Involved In The Dark World To Gain Wealth

A woman from South Africa sheds the truth

By  | Nov 11, 2020, 02:30 PM  | Limumba Karim  | Top of The

Not all that glitters is gold, according to a controversial author and self-proclaimed former slay-queen, Jackie Phamotse. Many were led to believe that she went on IG live to address a misunderstanding that occurred when she touched on the death of Zimbabwean socialite Ginimbi's death. Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure passed away during a horrific car accident along with his friends, Karim Limumba and Moana and Alichia who were burnt beyond recognition.

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Jackie went on to shed light on the dark underworld that holds up glitz and glamour of the "soft life" that celebrities and sometimes ordinary working citizens have to live. In her Instagram Live video, she accuses a few celebrities, influencers and ordinary people who work ordinary jobs and who don't get compensated much but seem to have all the money to live rich and lavish lifestyles.

Jackie clarified that she did not accuse Ginimbi and his friends of anything however it opened a window of opportunity for her to discuss such occurrences. In a series of tweets, she pointed out that Ginimbi had bought his own coffin four weeks before his death and fitness bunny Moana had predicted her own death.

Jackie highlighted the contrast between the lives we are all living because of the worldwide pandemic compared to the way some celebrities are still living expensive lives and buying expensive things. Booking themselves into expensive hotels and having expensive trips but we are in the middle of a pandemic. Despite many people being affected by this global pandemic, she asked her audience to question why some members of society seemed to be not affected at all. She then pointed out the very same celebrities who complained about not working and not getting any income were able to purchase luxury cars that cost millions. 

Her Tweet served as a warning that people shouldn't readily accept everything they are told or gifted because sometimes the gifts that they receive are actually sacrifices that people had to give up to live these lavish and wealthy lives.

"When all is said and done, those of the powers that be, the ones who had given the powers, saw that they failed to give them the ultimate sacrifice and because they had already sold their souls. Once you fail in any task in the Kingdom of darkness, you become the sacrifice,"

The Social Media streets went crazy with some sharing their own stories while others found the whole topic amusing.

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