Who Is The Richest Musician In Malawi?

The legend's legend

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Sir Lucius Banda, better known as Soldier Lucius Banda, is undoubtedly a legend of Malawi's music. He has entertained generations through his classic reggae and Afropop hits and helped mentor a younger breed of musicians.

And while Lucius Banda is one of the all-time best musicians in Malawi, did you also know that he is the richest musician in Malawi?

Let's take a look at his incredible net worth as well as how he was able to accumulate his riches.

Lucius Banda's net worth

Lucius Banda, credit: Instagram

As of 2022, sources indicate Sir Lucius Banda's net worth as between $3 million to $5 million. 

The net worth is a total of all his assets minus his liabilities. You can calculate your net worth by subtracting everything you owe from your assets.

How does Lucius Banda make money?

Lucius Banda has accumulated his wealth over the years through his career as a musician and politician, and other investments. 

Let's take a look at how he makes money from these ventures.

Music career

Lucius Banda cassette tape, credit: Instagram

Lucius Banda is considered a legend of Malawian music. The currently 51-year old music veteran has been singing since he was only 13 years old.

At a time when we didn't have YouTube or social media to promote music, it's fascinating to see the amount of success that Lucius achieved as an analog artist.

His first album 'Son of a Poor Man,' was well-received and helped kickstart his career on a high note. He went on to produce other albums, including 'Down Babylon' and 'Yahweh,' which also performed exceptionally well.

Since his music is appreciated by many people, given his talent in writing and singing, as well as his heated themes like political oppression, Lucius Banda has been able to make lots of money from live performances, licensing fees, and royalties. In 2011, he made a tour to Europe.

Lucius is also the founder of one of the best bands in Africa- Zembani Music Band, which also earn him some good kwachas.

He has also been a recipient of a number of awards, including a Lifetime Achievement Award, which has earned him money.

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Political career
Lucius Banda addressing journalists, credit: Facebook

Besides being a musician, Lucius Banda is also a politician. He served as a member of parliament for Balaka North district up to 2006, when it was discovered that his credentials were fake.

In 2014, he reclaimed his parliamentary seat during the Tripartite Elections.

His career as a politician has helped him amass substantial wealth. Before 2020, members of parliament in Malawi earned a monthly salary of around K862 4000 as well as a handful of allowances.

In 2020, he was appointed as a special adviser for matters concerning the youth and arts by president Lazarus Chakwera. 

His political career has contributed to Lucius Banda's status as the richest musician in Malawi.

What car does Lucius Banda drive?

Lucius Banda's hummer, credit: Facebook

Although he is relatively modest, and very little is known about his personal property, Lucius Banda certainly drives in machines fit for the richest musician in the land.

Among his vehicles is one black hummer that must have cost the icon a fortune.

Lucius Banda's controversies

Lucius Banda's music has gotten him into trouble with the government over the years. Because his music is centred around themes of political oppression and injustices, some of his songs were banned or censored by the government and the MBC.

In 2006, Banda was arrested and charged for fraud when it was discovered that he had forged his credentials. He was found guilty of the crime, and along with losing his seat as a parliamentarian, he was also sent to jail for 21 months.

Is Lucius Banda dead?

In 2021, false news that Lucius Banda had died circulated. This was after the legendary musician went missing in action from social media for a long time.

It was later established that the news was fake and that Lucius Banda was still alive although he was battling health-related issues.

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