Bushiri Hands Himself Over To Police

But he has some strict conditions

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Known to be dressed in the most expensive garb and driving the most luxurious supercars money can buy, Bushiri and his wife have been living the life in South Africa. After getting R200 000 bail and escaping from South Africa, the duo has decided to hand themselves in to authorities.

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The Bushiri's have had their property in Centurion, forfeited to the South African Government!

According to TimesLive, the property that is valued at R5.5-million and owned by the two Malawian fugitives Mary and Shepherd Bushiri was tied to their bail conditions and consequently, seized due to them skipping court. The Malawian government still hasn't established how Shepard Bushiri and his wife could have come back into Malawi, but today they handed themselves in to the Malawian authorities. Their lawyers in South Africa have also decided to no longer represent them.

After the South African government indicated to having notified Interpol to issue an arrest warrant, for the Bushiri's, they swiftly handed themselves over into custody...under certain conditions. The international warrant for the Bushiri's arrest, which binds any country that knows the whereabouts of Bushiri is obliged as per International law to arrest him because going against that would be in contravention of international agreements on fighting crime. Has somehow motivated the couple to cooperate with the South African government.

But the Malawian government has reiterated that releasing the Bushiri's anytime early would be creating a difficult situation for our Malawian government.

"#Bushiri sources in Malawi say the hearing is underway. The state says the couple should be remanded in custody for 30 days until the two governments finalize issues around their extridiction."

For now, the couple will remain in Malawi, while South Africa initiates the process to extradite the Bushiri's back into the country? A decision decided by the Malawian government.

"The prophet and his wife handed themselves over to the police ... (in Lilongwe on) Wednesday, November 18, 2020 when they got wind of their impending arrest," police spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement as told to EWN.

The couple will be taken to a Malawian court, although it is unclear if they will be going back to face the long arm of the South African law. Famous for being filthy rich because of their lavish lifestyles and all their accumulated wealth to live super-rich lives. A lifestyle very much funded by their congregants, who always offer their unwavering support.

In South Africa, many pastors living the life have big audiences and draw massive attention at whatever controversial doom spray or rising people back from the dead, matching their extravagant sermons. 

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