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Shepherd Bushiri, The youngest richest man in Malawi
While half of the Malawian population live below the poverty line and struggle to get the daily basic needs, a few individuals have uncovered the secret to acquiring riches and are reaping big from their exploits.

Going by his current net worth, Prophet Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering is currently the youngest richest man in Malawi and one of the richest pastors in Africa

Let's take a look at Bushiri's extravagant life; this pastor's God knows how to answer prayers. 

Who is Prophet Shepherd Bushiri?

Shepherd Bushiri preaching, credit: Instagram

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who is currently rumoured to be the youngest richest person in Malawi, is a preacher, motivational speaker, businessman, and author.

This controversial man of God was born in Lilongwe but raised in Mzuzu, and he is the fourth child in a family of six.

Bushiri is the founder and head pastor of one of the biggest non-denominational Churches called the Enlightened Christian Gathering. It has its headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa, and over 300 branches all over Africa.

For his achievements in business, Bushiri was inducted into the CEO Hall of Fame in Africa by African Leadership Magazine in 2018.

Bushiri's net worth

As of 2022, Forbes, BBC, and other sources estimate Prophet Bushiri's net worth to be around $150 million. This is more money than most people have in Malawi.

Shepherd Bushiri's source of wealth

While he is best known as a preacher, Shepherd Bushiri is also a great businessman, and it is believed that his successful ventures are to be credited for his enviable wealth.

Besides being the owner of one of the biggest churches in Africa, Bushiri also owns a company that deals in mining, oil, real estate, hospitality, and transportation called Shepherd Bushiri Investments (Pty) Ltd. The company has recorded great success over the years, and in 2018, it was awarded the business excellence award.

To top it all, Shepherd Bushiri owns a telecommunications company, television channel, various properties in both Malawi and South Africa, sports academies, and universities.

It appears that Bushiri has covered all his bases in making sure that he earns a spot in the top 10 richest people in Malawi as well as the youngest richest man in Malawi.

Does Bushiri own a private jet?

Bushiri leaving private jet, credit: Quartz Africa

The youngest richest man in Malawi knows how to make millions and spend it in the most extravagant ways possible.

Bushiri, who once complained of getting tired of travelling between his congregations all over the world, flies exclusively in either one of his luxury private jets.

As of 2016, the man of God had purchased his third private jet, which cost about $37 million. After acquiring it, Bushiri went to Facebook to flaunt his latest jet with the caption "My third jet in two years."

In 2019, the South African government held one of his jets when he was arrested for money laundering and fraud.

Bushiri's cars

Shepherd Bushiri's cars, credit:

When he is not flying in his private jets, the youngest richest man in Malawi drives around in sleek machines. 

Some of the best cars in his garage include the following:

  • A Bentley Bentayga Limited Edition, R6 million

  • A Rolls Royce Black Badge R10 million,

  • A Bentley Flying Spur, 

  • A Porsche Panamera

  • An Aston Martin One -77 R12 million

For his daughter's sixth birthday in 2017, Shepherd Bushiri gifted her with a Maserati Levante valued at around R300,000. We bet that your last birthday gift can't beat that.
Shepherd Bushiri daughter's car, credit:

Shepherd Bushiri's controversies

The youngest richest man in Malawi's life is coloured with lots of controversies. Here are some of the biggest controversies that the man of God has faced:

  • The prophet of God once alleged that he had the power to cure persons infected with HIV/AIDS. He also claimed that he could walk on air. Of course, both claims were never validated, but some congregation members believed him.

  • In 2010, Bushiri was accused of impregnating a teenage girl and then paying her off to perform an abortion. Allegedly, the 80,000 Kwacha cheque he gave her bounced.

  • In 2018, three people died, and nine others were injured during a stampede at his ECG Church caused by people trying to avoid a thunderstorm.

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