Shepard Bushiri Is A Free Man

A judge has ordered their release

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After being reported to Interpol, the Bushiri's were alleged to have handed themselves over but it seems that they in fact appear to have been arrested illegally. This, according to Aljazeera, is the reason behind the Bushiri's release from jail.

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The Shepard Bushiri and his wife Mary shocked everyone by fleeing South Africa, knowing full well that his freedom was at stake, the good Shepard conveniently disappeared after receiving bail of R200 000.00 and left his devoted congregants shocked and father-less.
"SABC News: Bushiri told Malawi court that he was really angry when he got arrested bcos he was assured by top SA politicians that he'll never be arrested. Said he's ready to spill the beans now that they've betrayed him."

After the South African government indicated to having notified Interpol to issue an arrest warrant for the Bushiri's, they swiftly handed themselves over into custody. The international warrant for the Bushiri's arrest, which binds any country that knows the whereabouts of Bushiri is obliged as per International law to arrest him because going against that would be in contravention of international agreements on fighting crime. Despite their handing themselves over to authorities, a Malawi magistrate released the self-proclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, and his wife Mary from custody, saying the arrest of the couple, who face charges of money laundering, theft and fraud in South Africa, was illegal.

Since their refusal to be sent back to South Africa, a property which is valued at R5.5-million and owned by the two Malawian fugitives Mary and Shepherd Bushiri has been seized by the South African government. The luxurious mansion was tied to their bail conditions and consequently, seized due to them skipping court. Neither the Malawian nor South African government still haven't established how Shepard Bushiri and his wife could have come back into the country. Even their legal representatives have found it best to no longer represent the fugitives.

The Bushiri's, who have a large Social Media following in South Africa and Malawi, have amassed their wealth by convincing congregants that they are able to cure HIV, blindness and deliver his followers from poverty.

For now, the two fugitives will remain in Malawi until South Africa makes their next chess move.

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