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Nothing will deter him from producing great hits.

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Limbani Kalinani is  a Malawian hip-hop artist artist who is better known by his stage name Tay Grin.

became one of the biggest names in African hip-hop with songs like "Break Out," "The Beach" and "Chipapapa".

Here's a look at his biography.

Tay Grin Age

Tay Grin Early Life

Tay Grin is a son to Dr Jean Kalinani, who is a former cabinet minister and a senior official in Malawi's DPP led government.

Following in his father's shoes, Tay Grin actually thought of heading up a political career. In 2018, Tay Grin announced that he was going to contest in the 2019 tripartite elections for a parliamentary seat in Lilongwe City Centre. Although he did not win, Tay Grin said that life goes on and he will continue to focus on his music.

"An election is an event that happens for a purpose. When the choices are made, we still have a life to live. It gives me joy that the many friends and relatives I have had their own choices to make. The beauty of democracy," he told Nyasa Times.

Tay Grin also does not shy away from showing how much he appreciates his mother.

At age 9 Limbani Kalilani asserted he would be his own boss. At 14 he predicted two things; that he would own his own company and be a rap music sensation before he was 21. Both came true.

Tay Grin Relationship

Tay Grin is not married, but he was once romantically involved with Tawina Kamba. However, what is known is that Tay Grin has a daughter, but no one knows who the baby mama is.

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Tay Grin Career

He had the opportunity to work with Orenzi and Sorenjo in 2016 and they released the single 'Kanda'. Together with Vanessa Mdee, Tay Grin dropped the smash hit, 'Tola' which sold like hot cakes from the Malawi Music Store.

In 2018, Tay Grin released the single 'Lubwa' which was premiered for the 1st time at the Nyasa Music Awards.  '21' was another big hit hat he released that same year. 

Tay Grin was in South Africa with 2baba working with the innovative production company Pilot Films on the much anticipated video 'Chipapapa'. It is believed that he spent a whopping K5.5 million which is equivalent to US$7,500 on the production of the music video.

β€œThe video is unique in so many aspects. It brings together class, culture, pride and beauty. It's a video for both the old and young. I am very proud of the results and soon people will get to enjoy it. β€˜Chipapapa’ is Malawian. This video is ours!” stated Tay Grin.

His latest music video, 'Too Much' he shot while in South Africa and it became an instant hit. 'Too Much' followed the lines of Tay Grin's other hits such as Kanda, Chipapapa, which were major hits on the Trace music channel Africa Top 10 Chat.

Speaking about the music industry, Tay Grin had this to say;

β€œOur colleagues have set levels and the music industry has become a serious business not something we should keep doing for fun. Malawi must move with time and follow the trends. Our friends are making major investments and that’s why we have seen the music and showbiz industries boom in all these countries that we now look up to, right here in Africa. Hence we need to do the same and spare no cost. We need to get ourselves emphatically fit to play in this major league with our counterparts, that way we will make all these big moves together,”

Tay Grin Awards & Nominations

His music has seen him establish a fan base not only in Malawi, but right across the continent. Below is a list of some of his awards: 

2014 - Best International African Act at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) (Won)
2016 - Star Award at the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) (Won)
2016 - Best Traditional Video at the WatsUp Africa Music Video Awards (Won)
2018 - Most Fashionable Celebrity  at the UMP Fashion Awards (Won)
2018 - Best Male Artist at the Nyasa Music Awards (Won)
2018 - Best Music Video for '21' at the Nyasa Music Awards (Won)
2019 - Young African Emerging Politician of the Year at the London Political Summit (Won)

Tay Grin Business

In 2009 Tay Grin founded an Entertainment & Event Promotion company, which helps to promote events across Malawi. The company is known as Black Rhyno Entertainment.

Under the label, fans have seen international artists such as Brick and Lace, Ice Prince, Sean Kingston and Naeto C, perform in the country.

Tay Grin also launched a fruit drink called Chipapapa in 2018.

Despite his run in politics not being successful, Tay Grin said music has always been his passion and he will not stop producing great hits. Fans wait in anticipation to see what he will work on next.

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