Tay Grin's House At A Glance

Who knew that green could be this pretty?

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Tay Grin, Tay Grin
Tay Grin is one of the most popular young musicians in Malawi whose music is putting Malawi on the map and making us proud of being sons and daughters of Malawi.

The 36-year-old father of one has been able to gain fame, win awards and make lots of money from his musical talents and with a net worth of about $1.5 million, Tay Grin is among the richest musicians in Malawi right now.

What this incredible net worth means for the musician is that he can obviously afford the basic necessities, and to top it up he can afford to drive expensive cars of his choice and live in a beautiful house.

Let’s take a look at Tay Grin’s house which has goals written over. If you have been thinking of using your favourite colour on your house then Tay Grin’s house will give you an idea.

Where is Tay Grin’s house located?

It is unclear where exactly Tay Grin’s house is located although, from the photos we have seen, it appears that it is located in a leafy neighbourhood.

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The exterior of Tay Grin’s house

Tay Grin outside his house

It appears that the Too Much hitmaker has a thing for colour green. His house is painted in a fresh lawn green colour that matches one of his BMW cars.

The house is a two-storey building that sits on an ample compound that is flanked by beautiful tall palm trees, flowers and a properly manicured lawn. The driveway leading to the house is clean and fully tiled with intricate lawn tiles.

The interior of Tay Grin’s house

Tay Grin's living room

Still sticking to the green theme, the interiors of Tay Grin’s house is furnished with different shades of green that are much more subtle in contrast with the exterior colours.

The living room’s walls, for example, are painted crisp white which blends well with the mint green set of couches, a soft fluffy white carpet sits in the middle of the room covering part of a darker tiled floor.

The room is made lively with some tasteful photos hanging on the walls and printed curtains.

How many rooms does Tay Grin’s house have?

The rapper has not disclosed exactly how big his house is and how many rooms are in it although, from the outside, it looks massive.

How much did Tay Grin’s house cost?

It is unclear how much Tay Grin parted with for his classy mansion considering that he hasn’t yet revealed this information to the public, but we gather that it must have been a lot.  But again you cannot put a price on your dream house, can you?

Who does Tay Grin live with?

Tay Grin with his daughter, source: Instagram

Tay Grin has one adorable little girl from his previous relationship whom he lives with. The rapper is currently not married although it’s not very clear if he is dating someone.

How rich is Tay Grin?

The staircases of Tay Grin's house, source: Instagram

The Chipapa hitmaker is one of the richest musicians in Malawi who besides making money from his vocals, has also ventured into several businesses including an events planning and entertainment company called Black Rhyno Entertainment and a fruit drink called Chipapa.

It also helps that the musician comes from an affluent background- his mother Dr. Jean Kalilani is a politician who has served in different ministries as a cabinet minister.
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