What Is Onesimus Muzik's Net Worth?

Mr. Nothing is actually a somebody

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With a voice so smooth that some media outlets have nick-named him the “African Butter,” Armstrong Kalua, aka Onesimus Muzik is one of the fastest rising Afro-pop musicians on Malawian soil. 

The 31-year-old musician began singing when he was only 13 years old and in 2006, Onesimus Muzik shot to fame and gained national attention when his dance group God’s Soldiers won the competitive Sprite competition.

In 2008, he joined the BBM Clique (Blessed Beyond Measure) rap group where they released a few great hits including Random Thoughts. The following year he began a solo career and in 2010 he officially became a secular artist, and the rest as they say- is history.

Today we take a look at Onesimus Muzik’s net worth in 2022 and how he makes and spends his money. 

What is Onesimus Muzik’s net worth?

Onesimus Muzik, source: Instagram

It is quite difficult to estimate the correct value of Onesimus Muzik’s net worth given that different sources on the internet have provided different values for his net worth.

The most plausible value provided as Onesimus Muzik’s net worth is between $500,000 and $1 million.

The net worth is calculated by adding up a person’s assets and then deducting his liabilities or debts. You can easily calculate your net worth and know what your current financial worth is.

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How does Onesimus Muzik make his money?

Onesimus Muzik, source: Instagram

In the first verse of his Mr. Nothing hit song, Onesimus Muzik tells people not to desire his diamonds because they don’t know his story and he goes on to talk about how he rose from poverty to where he is. The musician has clearly worked hard and we are glad he is earning big from his sweat.

The Easy Baby hitmaker has amassed his net worth mainly through his music where he earns from the sale of his records, licensing fees, live performances, and YouTube views.

Since embarking on his solo career, Onesimus Muzik has so far released a couple of albums including Ndele and Messenger. He has also released a number of singles and collaborated with other big names in the industry.

Onesimus Muzik also earns a big deal from his live performances and he is currently among the most sought-after entertainers in Malawi.

What car does Onesimus Muzik drive?

Onesimus Muzik, source: Instagram

Onesimus Muzik loves big cars and the good thing is that he can afford them. The musician has been spotted driving different cars including a red gorgeous Mercedes Benz that he purchased in 2017.

Although he didn’t disclose the price of his monster on wheels, we believe that it must have cost him a fortune. But hey, when a person works hard he also deserves to spend on things that bring him joy, right?

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Onesimus Muzik’s house

Onesimus Muzik, source: Instagram

Besides driving in cool cars, Onesimus Muzik’s net worth also allows him to live in a beautiful house.

The artist has not shared a lot of pictures of his house’s exterior, but if the photos of the interior are anything to go by then it’s one beautiful house. Just look at the furnishing of his living room.

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Is Onesimus Muzik the richest musician in Malawi?

No, Onesimus Muzik is currently not the richest musician in Malawi, although he is among the artists who are doing really well.

The title of the richest musician in Malawi goes to veteran musician turned politician- Lucius Banda. Other musicians who are also doing well financially in Malawi include Tay Grin, Billy Kaunda, and Benjamin Ngoma.

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